If you're going to be at a job environment, you should love it. You shouldn't do it just for money. You should do it because you love it. And the money comes naturally.

By: Debbi Fields

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The little trouble in the world that is not due to love is due to friendship... view

By: Edgar Watson Howe

Until the year 1967, it was a crime, for which you could be put in prison, to make homosexual love to someone in your own house. If they came in and caught you at it, you could be put into prison. This has changed - I'm talking about England, incidentally... view

By: Patrick Macnee

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I just love the hours of the theatre, I love the way it operates. I always say that when you're doing a play it's like getting a shot of B12, and when you do television for a long series you need a shot of B12... view

By: Gavin MacLeod

I still love to play chess. So I do not even spend a minute on the possibility to step back... view

By: Anatoly Karpov

Just because an individual in his 30s hasn't found true love and, yes, there are opportunities to date but it also forces you to be more particular. In so many ways, you become more adamant about finding that right person and not allowing yourself to open up to just anybody... view

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By: Richard M. Nixon

The only time I can really relax is up a tree or somewhere outside. I love being outside... view

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A desire arises in the mind. It is satisfied immediately another comes. In the interval which separates two desires a perfect calm reigns in the mind. It is at this moment freed from all thought, love or hate... view

By: Swami Sivananda