I respond to a part just intuitively when I read a script.

By: Ralph Fiennes

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I personally felt that his ad hominen attacks on British architects were not the sort of thing a Prince of Wales should be doing because, apart from anything else, they put various people out of business... view

By: Anthony Holden

In Mexico you have death very close. That's true for all human beings because it's a part of life, but in Mexico, death can be found in many things... view

By: Gael Garcia Bernal

America lives in the heart of every man everywhere who wishes to find a region where he will be free to work out his destiny as he chooses... view

By: Woodrow Wilson

I was always telling everyone, I want to be a broadcaster. They'd say, What, are you crazy? What, you're going to be Arthur Godfrey?.. view

By: Larry King

It's taken a long time but eventually when I had the songs in place and demos right and I found myself a manager, that's when everything started happening quickly but I think that's always the way it is... view

By: James Blunt

Moreover, statistics can be deceiving: the growth of jobs in the US in the 90s was due to many part-time jobs, with no benefits and generally low pay... view

By: David Korten

Warhol's images made sense to me, although I knew nothing at the time of his background in commercial art. To be honest, I didn't think about him a hell of a lot... view

By: Barbara Kruger

Great leaders have a heart for people. They take time for people. They view people as the bottom line, not as a tool to get to the bottom line... view

By: Pat Williams

Intel's still our main partner. We have not announced anything with AMD and don't have anything planned, but we're constantly being aware to make sure our customers get the best technology... view

By: Kevin Rollins

My colleagues have expressed confidence in my ability to articulate our conservative message and to provide new focus to our efforts in the General Assembly... view

By: Philip E. Berger

The corridor is hardly ever found in small houses, apart from the verandah, which also serves as a corridor... view

By: Stephen Gardiner

Olympics is global competition in which eighty, ninety, hundred, hundred and ten countries participate... view

By: George Pataki