I was street smart, but unfortunately the street was Rodeo Drive.

By: Carrie Fisher

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What I would say to the young men and women who are beset by hopelessness and doubt is that they should go and see what is being done on the ground to fight poverty, not like going to the zoo but to take action, to open their hearts and their consciences... view

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In a sense I feel very much a part of the cinema now in a way where when I come back to the theater now I feel like a visitor. The cinema is really what I enjoy. I want to do more independent movies... view

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Miles Davis fully embraced possibilities and delved into it. He was criticized heavily from the jazz side. He was supposed to be part of a tradition, but he didn't consider himself part of a tradition... view

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The art of communication is the language of leadership... view

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It took a long time to get that film made. I went in for it almost right after or like maybe six or seven months after I had my son and actually auditioned for the Regina King part and they just were like, 'No, you're just - you just don't really seem the part.'.. view

By: Nia Long

I think I started out trying to be very objective about the flow of the play... view

By: James Rado

When you're playing music, say for instance, you're playing a part of the band and you're looking at your music, your horn is down into the stand. This way, it's up and it goes right on out to the audience, you know?.. view

By: Billy Eckstine

Mr. Speaker, for the last 5 years I have been working with a bipartisan group of my colleagues to make it illegal to continue the barbaric practice of game bird and illegal dog fighting... view

By: Earl Blumenauer

The American people know that every day 3,000 kids begin to smoke, 1,000 of them die an early death. They're not going to allow us to go forward this year and not have comprehensive bipartisan legislation. It's in everybody's best interest... view

By: Erskine Bowles

Basically, particularly in Britain, it's a hegemonic thing that people who write tend to come from the leisure classes. They can afford the time and the books... view

By: Irvine Welsh

Seldom ever was any knowledge given to keep, but to impart.. view

By: Wendell Phillips

Music, art, theater. I'm just a big fan of beauty... view

By: Jerry Hall