My best sources are my travels and my collection of National Geographic.

By: Sergio Aragones

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When these suckers had formed roots in the open ground, or kind of nursery where they were planted, they were looked over and the best taken up for potting... view

By: Robert Fortune

There are lots of things which I would love to tell him, but in some way, I also feel that I lost the person closest to me. And I got a second chance to live. So in a way I feel that I live for both of us... and I will do my best... view

By: Petra Nemcova

If the United Nations once admits that international disputes can be settled by using force, then we will have destroyed the foundation of the organization and our best hope of establishing a world order... view

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Land really is the best art... view

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I'd like to think the best of me was still hiding up in my sleeve... view

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Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it... view

By: George Halas

I mean, it's the life lessons that I suppose you learn that nobody gets a free ride and that you do the best you can with the means that you can and try to open yourself to as much knowledge and all that that you can... view

By: Joe Mantegna

The photograph reverses the purpose of travel, which until now had been to encounter the strange and unfamiliar... view

By: Marshall McLuhan

The best way to avoid warfare is if no one shows up... view

By: Justin Sane

And, you know, my dad would show me some things sometimes, but the best things that I got to do were to actually see really good players play up close. That gives you an idea of fingering and technique and what not... view

By: Dweezil Zappa

Some people have such a talent for making the best of a bad situation that they go around creating bad situations so they can make the best of them... view

By: Jean Kerr

Arguably, Blackburn have got the best forward line in the Premiership. There's no denying that... view

By: Mark Lawrenson