I'm sort of in for a penny, in for a pound with Star Trek, It's my life at this point. To deny it would just be foolish.

By: Jonathan Frakes

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Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party... view

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There are times in life when, instead of complaining, you do something about your complaints... view

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I decided to study special education and fell in love with working with individuals with autism. That's what I planned to do with my life... view

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How many deaf people do you know in real life? Unless they live in a cave, or are 14, which seems to be true for most people in this business, what could I possibly tell them that they don't already know?.. view

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The truth is that relative income is not directly related to happiness. Nonpartisan social-survey data clearly show that the big driver of happiness is earned success: a person's belief that he has created value in his life or the life of others... view

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This is the first time in my life I've had hair this short. It's always been down to my waist. I can't hide behind my hair any more... view

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I embarked on my life - I didn't do anything. I don't have an explanation... view

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I also thought of playing improvisational jazz and I did take lessons for a while. At first I tried to write fiction by making up things that were completely alien to my life... view

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Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television... view

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America is the country where you can buy a lifetime supply of aspirin For one dollar and use it up in two weeks... view

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While we are postponing, life speeds by... view

By: Lucius Annaeus Seneca