There's an awful lot of resources that can be drawn upon in an improvised music concert.

By: Fred Frith

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I could name a few songs and say exactly what summer they came out and what boy I thought I was in love with when I was fourteen years old, but I think that music used to be really more a part of the culture when people went out dancing in a different way than they do now... view

By: Ann Beattie

Imitation is being rewarded. They're learning that if you fit right in the mold, you get rewarded. Music is no longer a form of expression - it's a means to a lifestyle... view

By: Mike Watt

I don't regard myself as a great classical or jazz pianist. I like country music, but I'm not a great player. I just like music. Drums 'n' bass is pretty exciting and I'd love to explore it... view

By: Keith Emerson

The music I do is food... that will be your dinner... view

By: Ziggy Marley

Me and my father went through a war period where we wasn't talking. He wanted me to go to theology school - I didn't want to go. I wanted to do music. I told him I was a minister through music... view

By: Wyclef Jean

People go to movies or listen to music because they want to be inspired... view

By: Daphne Zuniga

Being a musician is what I do, but it's not what I am... view

By: Herbie Hancock

Because the casual music listeners are the ones who turn on the radio and they don't really care what's playing, they just know that they kinda like it or it's easy to drive to or it's easy to sing along to or whatever... view

By: Michael Stipe

The earth has grown old with its burden of care, but at Christmas it always is young, the heart of the jewel burns lustrous and fair, and its soul full of music breaks the air, when the song of angels is sung... view

By: Phillips Brooks

One of the problems that we face through the media attention that these artists receive is that there has been an awful lot of talk about opera and classical music being elite and being for an elitist group... view

By: Lesley Garrett

What I'm dealing with is sound. I don't pretend to be dealing with music. I'm just dealing with sound elements, textures and sounds... view

By: Bill Laswell

It's meant to reaffirm the validity of that music - clean, minimalist, honest, classic music... view

By: Dwight Yoakam