Like I said, TLC has enough of my life. I have to keep some of it for myself.

By: Genevieve Gorder

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I think I write fiction for the opportunity to get beyond the limits of my own life... view

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And I found out, the other part of it is that I found out and in my desire to life successfully, that baseball fit very well into my life. It's been a great teacher, trainer, mentor and you'll see what I mean in the next few minutes that I have to speak... view

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I play a character every day of my life, and I don't want to play a character as myself. They can judge me as an actress, not as a person. I'm not a spokeswoman for Anna... view

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Death used to announce itself in the thick of life but now people drag on so long it sometimes seems that we are reaching the stage when we may have to announce ourselves to death. It is as though one needs a special strength to die, and not a final weakness... view

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We do not yet have the solutions to these questions, but the awareness that we live in an endangered world is present in more and more life situations... view

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An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life... view

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The student who deceives himself into thinking that he is giving his life like an ascetic in the spirit of sacrifice for art, is the victim of a deplorable species of egotism... view

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There are things that I value now that I didn't when I first went over there, like Zen Buddhism, which has become part of my life over the last couple years... view

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Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good... view

By: Daniel P. Moynihan

If there is to be peace in our industrial life let the employer recognize his obligation to his employees - at least to the degree set forth in existing statutes... view

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I don't see a white woman. I see a black woman, even though my mother is white. Knowing that has made my life easier, I think... view

By: Halle Berry