Be not content with the best book

By: Lord Acton

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But to be the best, you must face the best. And to overcome your fear, you must deal with the best... view

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I may be as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best... view

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America fell in love with the innocence of a kid who just was honest, saying, I did the best I could, and I had no formal training... view

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Willie Mays was the best ever. When I was in college I once made a catch like the one Mays made over his head. Sometimes when I'm lying in bed at night I think about it. It still makes me warm... view

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The last president we had was the smartest guy anyone could remember and he did the dumbest thing anyone has ever seen in the White House so go figure... view

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We should seek a system that provides outlets for those skills and talents so that everyone can find a way to work and serve in a manner that best suits the strengths of each individual... view

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