One of the best ones out there was a guy named Howard Cosell. He was the best.

By: Larry Holmes

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My concern is to continue respecting my work as I've done since I began as an actor and I could only do that if I'm strong enough to keep on doing what I think best in an artistic way... view

By: Javier Bardem

Parents are key when it comes to keeping kids off drugs. Good parenting is the best anti-drug we have... view

By: Mel Carnahan

There are people and nations, Mother, that I would like to say to you by name. I entrust them to you in silence, I entrust them to you in the way that you know best... view

By: Pope John Paul II

In the beginning there was the word. The word was Jah. The word is in I, Jah is in I. I make what is good, better, and what is better, best. I follow this in every aspect of life... view

By: Peter Tosh

Apple has great marketing, among the best PR and marketing in the world... view

By: Ron Johnson

I really didn't have any plans to record prior to doing My Own Best Enemy... view

By: Richard Marx

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art... view

By: Andy Warhol

We are all very individual. You have to find out what you can do best, and be self-conscious about that... view

By: Joshua Lederberg

The Olympics are a wonderful metaphor for world cooperation, the kind of international competition that's wholesome and healthy, an interplay between countries that represents the best in all of us... view

By: John Williams

Personally, I just think rap music is the best thing out there, period. If you look at my deck in my car radio, you're always going to find a hip-hop tape.. view

By: Eminem

Naked is the best disguise... view

By: Jeanette Winterson

The best audience is intelligent, well-educated and a little drunk... view

By: Alben W. Barkley