The beautiful has but one type, the ugly has a thousand.

By: Victor Hugo

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I had a really good time with Martha Stewart, who also is somebody I really admire a lot. I've learned a lot from her and I think all of America has, about attention to detail and using fresh ingredients and making things beautiful and special... view

By: Ted Allen

Being beautiful can be a curse, especially if you want to be an artist and create... view

By: Juliette Lewis

A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful... view

By: Karl Kraus

But as a young model, I never felt as beautiful as I looked... view

By: Janice Dickinson

The reason that I'm an actor, or an artist, is ultimately because I'm trying to paint a self-portrait, and the most complete and beautiful self-portrait that you can... view

By: Terrence Howard

Our girls have learned that sweat is sexy, brawn is beautiful and a little dirt never hurt anyone... view

By: Louise Slaughter

We're trying to have the band create something beautiful that hopefully one day, 20 years from now, can be picked up by a kid and hopefully have the same effect that Neil Young had on me, or Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath... view

By: Ville Valo

I chose faces and figures as my subject matter simply due to the fact that the human form is already beautiful art... view

By: Frank Bruno

The truth is often terrifying, which I think is one of the motifs of Larry and Andrew's cinema. The cost of knowledge is an important theme. In the second and third films, they explore the consequences of Neo's choice to know the truth. It's a beautiful, beautiful story... view

By: Keanu Reeves

There are parts of me that I feel are beautiful, but they don't have anything to do with my nose... view

By: Sally Field

The songs of Bizet are by a French peer of Rossini. When Rossini stopped composing, he was living in Paris. He also wrote some beautiful songs in French... view

By: Cecilia Bartoli

A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?.. view

By: Ernst Haas