I only write music for myself, I don't try and appeal to anyone else.

By: Bryan Adams

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I pick up the New York Times or Time and it's talking about the latest rock group, which I'm sure is exciting to some people, but it neglects a huge area of music... view

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I sat out a few years because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do next. So many things were changing in music and in culture, so it seemed like a good time to step back... view

By: Beck

The music itself could never take the place of my own passion in life... view

By: Luciano Pavarotti

If you're going to make a musical, don't cartoon it from the play. Make it better than the play. Have a reason for making it sing... view

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Commercial music, for the most part, is popular music and you always have to keep that in mind... view

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Music is a very personal and emotional form of communication... view

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We thought it would be great to see if you could put pop music back into musical theater... view

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By: Herbie Mann

But without the experience of actually singing or playing these things yourself, you don't have the same kind of involvement or understanding of what these musical moves mean. And that is a very big problem in addressing the future of music... view

By: Michael Tilson Thomas

People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least while the music lasts... view

By: Paul Hindemith

This music is forever for me. It's the stage thing, that rush moment that you live for. It never lasts, but that's what you live for... view

By: Bruce Springsteen