Love is one of my main inspirations.

By: Enrique Iglesias

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There are only two things: love, all sorts of love, with pretty girls, and the music of New Orleans or Duke Ellington. Everything else ought to go, because everything else is ugly... view

By: Boris Vian

Museums, I love museums... view

By: Tony Randall

Love is a trap. When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows... view

By: Paulo Coelho

I'm totally into new age and self-help books. I used to work in a bookstore and that's the section they gave me, and I got way into it. I just loved the power of positive thinking, letting yourself go... view

By: Jason Mraz

I would love to see as many of the black players as possible in today's Major League Baseball make every effort to go to the Negro Leagues Museum and get a first-hand view of how it all started... view

By: Ferguson Jenkins

The practice mirror is to be used for the correction of faults, not for a love affair, and the figure you watch should not become your dearest friend... view

By: Agnes de Mille

And I don't feel any form of music is beyond me in the sense of that I don't understand it or I don't have some love for some part of it... view

By: Elvis Costello

How do you know love is gone? If you said that you would be there at seven and you get there by nine, and he or she has not called the police yet - it's gone... view

By: Marlene Dietrich

Jazz was my first love... view

By: Frankie Valli

I've only read two books in my life: Baseball Sparkplug and Love Story... view

By: George Brett

Love grows. Lust wastes by Enjoyment, and the Reason is, that one springs from an Union of Souls, and the other from an Union of Sense... view

By: William Penn

I really enjoy the consolation when I'm having to cut loose stuff I love, of saying 'Well, at least it will make it onto DVD.' There's a couple of scenes which I liked very much, but couldn't fit them into the film that are on there... view

By: Jay Roach