It's amazing how much trouble you can get in when you don't have anything else to do.

By: Quincy Jones

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One thing that is almost always said to me is, I grew up with you. They are meeting me and feel that they actually grew up with me. I was with them during their play hours and thinking hours. I was a part of their childhoods. That's one of the most amazing things... view

By: Mark Goddard

Wasim and Waqar were amazing bowlers. I would put them right up there with the best in the world... view

By: Sachin Tendulkar

Emmanuel Lewis was amazing to work with. I'll love that guy to the end of time... view

By: Corin Nemec

The video game culture was an important thing to keep alive in the film because we're in a new era right now. The idea that kids can play video games like Grand Theft Auto or any video game is amazing. The video games are one step before a whole other virtual universe... view

By: Vin Diesel

It's amazing how much you can learn if your intentions are truly earnest... view

By: Chuck Berry

Google is in an amazing position to be the target of tons of lawsuits that will set precedent for many important things for us on the Internet... view

By: Joichi Ito

Dick Van Dyke was my first idol. He's an amazing physical comedian, like a classic clown, but also very smart and not afraid to show vulnerability... view

By: Douglas Wood

I'm definitely doing better. I never realized that I would get the support that I've gotten from everybody - from my fans, to people that I've idolized my whole life. So it's overwhelming, it's amazing and I believe that everything happens for a reason so I'm in a really good place right now... view

By: Pia Toscano

And I thought, when I have kids, that's the sort of well told, silly, and fun fairy tale that I would want to take them to. But it was an amazing experience. And I think Shrek is a real classic, a fairy tale classic... view

By: Mike Myers

I spent well over a year on the road with Sarah Vaughn. That was amazing... view

By: Jan Hammer

Linda Georgian is a wonderful psychic. She can do amazing things... view

By: Dionne Warwick

It's amazing. I can't believe how brilliant the whole thing is - my daughter, Georgia, is just wonderful... view

By: Edward Hall