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Feminism is dated? Yes, for privileged women like my daughter and all of us here today, but not for most of our sisters in the rest of the world who are still forced into premature marriage, prostitution, forced labor - they have children that they don't want or they cannot feed... view

By: Isabel Allende

It's amazing how coke encompasses everything in your life. Addicts cannot confront life because they only think of their next hit. I ruined life for my parents, my sister and all my friends... view

By: Kirstie Alley

When I was growing up, I always read horror books, while my sister read romance novels... view

By: Dorothy Allison

My sister and I are both diagnosed with second-hand smoke syndromes. We have never smoked, but we grew up with second-hand smoke our entire lives... view

By: Loni Anderson

My grandmother was a teacher, my sister was a teacher, my daughter was a teacher and is now a superintendent in northern California, and my son-in-law is a high school principal. I am surrounded... view

By: Loni Anderson

For me being the youngest, there was never ever anything that was an issue to cause rivalry between me and my sisters... view

By: Nicole Appleton

It was around 4 p.m. in the afternoon. I was just taking a nap. Luckily, my sister was home... view

By: Sherman Austin

My sister and I are opposites in many ways. She is six feet tall, while I'm five feet four... view

By: Tracy Austin

Pam has always been my glamorous big sister - 13 years older than I. She played on the women's circuit for nine years and came home to tell me stories of France, Japan... view

By: Tracy Austin

I have a 92 year old father whose doing beautifully who lives in Chicago and a sister and a nephew and a niece and I love coming back and try to do so fairly often... view

By: Bob Balaban

Our situation today shows that beauty demands for itself at least as much courage and decision as do truth and goodness, and she will not allow herself to be separated and banned from her two sisters without taking them along with herself in an act of mysterious vengeance... view

By: Hans Urs von Balthasar

My sister sometimes does a Todd Barry tribute act... view

By: Todd Barry

Ah, bless you, Sister, may all your sons be bishops... view

By: Brendan Behan

Dear brothers and sisters, after the great Pope John Paul II, the cardinals have elected me - a simple, humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord... view

By: Pope Benedict XVI

My mother, sister and I watched through the windows as my father gambled... view

By: Tom Berenger

Before I thought there was a common denominator between my films - as if all my characters were sisters - but I'm not so sure now... view

By: Juliette Binoche

The child gets two confusing messages when a parent tells him which is the right fork to use, and then proceeds to use the wrong one. So does the child who listens to parents bicker and fuss, yet is told to be nice to his brothers and sisters... view

By: Rachel Blanchard

I'm quite sensitive to women. I saw how my sister got treated by boyfriends. I read this thing that said when you are in a relationship with a woman, imagine how you would feel if you were her father. That's been my approach, for the most part... view

By: Orlando Bloom

I always went to my sister, because she was older and had the care of me after my mother died... view

By: Lizzie Andrew Borden

I live myself with my cat Pebbles. She isn't enjoying the attention as much as me - she ran off up the stairs as soon as the film crew for the show came into the house. She didn't come down for hours. But I have the support of all my brothers and sisters and my neighbours and friends - everyone thinks it's just great... view

By: Susan Boyle

My sisters like cooking at my place. It has a bit more room, and the food tastes a little bit better. A big pot of spaghetti and sauce, some warm French bread - works all the time. I think I've been eating pasta for 26 years... view

By: Tom Brady

If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing you grandmother with her teeth out... view

By: George Brett

It bothers me that I won't live to see the end of the century, because, when I was young, in St. Louis, I remember saying to Marilyn, my sister by adoption, that that was how long I wanted to live: seventy years... view

By: Harold Brodkey

You know full well as I do the value of sisters' affections: There is nothing like it in this world... view

By: Charlotte Bronte

If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and cannot catch your eye, she's wearing your best sweater... view

By: Pam Brown

It is true that I was born in Iowa, but I can't speak for my twin sister... view

By: Abigail Van Buren

Besides, I have a sister who's straight. And I want her to know that I love her and support her... view

By: Dan Butler

Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director. Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee... view

By: James Cameron

My father's sister never married in order to raise me... view

By: Marcel Carne

My sisters and I were fortunate to travel through Asia and Europe at very young ages. We confronted extraordinary beauty in Athens and unspeakable poverty in India... view

By: Mary Chapin Carpenter

I had an older brother who passed away recently, an older sister and a younger brother... view

By: Steve Case

And not only my own brothers and sisters agreed so but my brothers and sisters in law.. view

By: Margaret Cavendish

I had to have my first kiss in front of, like, a hundred people. I didn't know what to do. So my sisters told me to, like, practice on a pillow, you know? But it didn't kiss me back so I didn't know what to expect... view

By: Lacey Chabert

A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night... view

By: Chanakya

My older sister encouraged me from early on and bought me one of the first guitars I had. She listened to all of the crappy songs that I wrote when I was 8 years old and encouraged me to keep doing it... view

By: Tracy Chapman

My sister and I said, Dad, are you doing to do anything about that? And he mentioned treatments other people sent him that he'd been working on. So we thought it would be kind of cool to give these guys a real script... view

By: Rae Dawn Chong

When Bob came through Cincinnati, he wanted a girl singer to be on his show. There was a local contest, and my sister and I entered, but Bob said, Gee, I wouldn't break up the team... view

By: Rosemary Clooney

Women are a sisterhood. They make common cause in behalf of the sex.. view

By: William Cobbett

Ladies and gentlemen, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you!.. view

By: George M. Cohan

I'm older than my sister so I started writing first. I started writing at school. I was always top of my class in composition, essays, English Lit and all of that... view

By: Joan Collins