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I don't think that people should wear dresses two sizes too small. I just think that sexiness is better left to the imagination. It's just more tasteful... view

By: Rachel Zoe

In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth... view

By: Xun Zi

Large skepticism leads to large understanding. Small skepticism leads to small understanding. No skepticism leads to no understanding... view

By: Xi Zhi

I was like any new bride, who said, 'I'm going to cook for my man.' In fact, once I started a small kitchen fire in a pan. Smoke was pouring from the pan, and I got really scared. Right next to our stove is a small fire extinguisher. You know, easy access... view

By: Catherine Zeta-Jones

The rotation of the polarization plane is extraordinarily small in all gases, thus also in sodium vapour... view

By: Pieter Zeeman

I should point out, however, that at first some difficulty was experienced in observing the phenomena predicted by the theory, owing to the extreme smallness of the variations in the period of oscillation... view

By: Pieter Zeeman

Butterfly was certainly a vehicle for me, and if it died, it still would have served its purpose, in spades. We never expected it to give me the visibility it has given me. It was just a small thing as a vehicle, and suddenly the whole world knew about it... view

By: Pia Zadora

As I get older, I get smaller. I see other parts of the world I didn't see before. Other points of view. I see outside myself more... view

By: Neil Young

A good writer cannot avoid having social consciousness. I don't mean this about small pieces of writing, but about a big book. If it's a big book, there has to be more than one undertow... view

By: Marguerite Young

My hope for my children must be that they respond to the still, small voice of God in their own hearts... view

By: Andrew Young

I tried to pay some small tribute to A Man and a Woman (1966) with the recurring musical theme... view

By: Dwight Yoakam

In the past 3-4 years I've developed a habit of keeping numerous small cassette recorders in my house and in a bag with me so that I'm able to commit to tape memory song ideas on a constant basis... view

By: Dwight Yoakam

When I first skated here, I definitely felt small out there because it is such a big surface... view

By: Kristi Yamaguchi

There is small risk a general will be regarded with contempt by those he leads, if, whatever he may have to preach, he shows himself best able to perform... view

By: Xenophon

I love to play smaller crowds with the Rhythm Kings... view

By: Bill Wyman

I think anyone would want to see their favorite band in a small club over a large stadium... view

By: Bill Wyman

The Stones always tried to do the odd smaller gig when they could... view

By: Bill Wyman

Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country... view

By: Steven Wright

It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it... view

By: Steven Wright

Some newspapers have a hands-off policy on favored politicians. But it's generally very small newspapers or local TV stations... view

By: Bob Woodward

Now I am a writer who can command fairly good payments from magazines with large circulations, I very often refuse to write for them and still write sometimes for small magazines for nothing... view

By: George Woodcock

I don't believe in kicking away ladders. By that, I mean the ladders by which I ascended as a young writer, small magazines that didn't pay anything, and that sort of thing... view

By: George Woodcock

I became much happier when I realized I shouldn't depend solely on my career for my sense of self. So I developed other interests and surrounded myself with a small group of friends I could trust... view

By: Douglas Wood

There are a few very small incompatible changes - I really doubt most people will ever run into them... view

By: Stephen Wolfram

Whether the medium is ready for consumers is better judged by those consumers. I sometimes read online - but not often. The stigma is attached to pay scales. Much online publication is no pay or small pay... view

By: Gene Wolfe

The theory has to be interpreted that extra dimensions beyond the ordinary four dimensions the three spatial dimensions plus time are sufficiently small that they haven't been observed yet... view

By: Edward Witten

London is a small place, and it is very incestuous. People know where you live. Everybody is sort of on top of each other... view

By: Jeanette Winterson

I'd rather do theater and British films than move to LA in hopes of getting small roles in American films... view

By: Kate Winslet

There have been a number of us working very, very hard to bring myth and fairy tales into public consciousness, through fantasy literature and other media. I hope we're succeeding in some small way... view

By: Terri Windling

You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you... view

By: Robert Anton Wilson

There is nothing more demoralizing than a small but adequate income... view

By: Edmund Wilson

It is of great importance to note these meteors, even the small ones, as very little is yet known of them.. view

By: William John Wills

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us... view

By: Marianne Williamson

Well, I've got two small children and this is a very important time for me to be around them... view

By: Treat Williams

Traveling to swimming meets took me beyond my small-town existence, gave me a hint of the exciting world outside of my own home... view

By: Esther Williams

But my eyes were riveted on a small slim woman her hair simply coiled into her neck, Katherine Glasier... view

By: Ellen Wilkinson

The greatest fear that haunts this city is a suitcase bomb, nuclear or germ. Many people carry small gas masks. The masses here seem to be resigned to the inevitable, believing an attack of major proportions will happen... view

By: David Wilkerson

A long time ago, when all the grandfathers and grandmothers of today were little boys and little girls or very small babies, or perhaps not even born, Pa and Ma and Mary and Laura and Baby Carrie left their little house in the Big Woods of Wisconsin... view

By: Laura Ingalls Wilder

As a small businessperson, you have no greater leverage than the truth... view

By: John Greenleaf Whittier

You know, I like to think that I will subscribe very much to the core Republican principles of small government. Making a small number of rules and getting out of the way. Keeping taxes low. Creating an environment for small businesses to grow and thrive... view

By: Meg Whitman