How much does it cost to express dog glands?

Having a dog with smelly anal glands can be quite a hassle. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: expressing the dog’s anal glands. However, this procedure is not as simple as it seems. It is always recommended to take your furry friend to a veterinarian for this task. But what about the cost? How much does it actually cost to have your dog’s glands expressed?

The cost of expressing dog glands

The cost of having a competent veterinarian express your dog’s glands is generally less than $40. On average, you can expect it to range from $25 to $35. However, the exact price is subject to the fees charged by your veterinarian’s office. If you opt to have a groomer perform the procedure instead, the cost may be more reasonable.

Additional costs to consider

When estimating the expense of expressing your dog’s anal glands, keep in mind that there might be additional fees involved. These could include charges for medication, boarding if your dog needs to stay overnight at the clinic for further treatments, emergency care, and prescription drugs required during the procedure.

Understanding anal sac illness in dogs

Anal sac disease is a common condition in dogs, with a significant occurrence rate. The primary cause of this disease is irritation to the ducts, leading to impacted sacs. This, in turn, causes the secretion within the sacs to become more viscous, resulting in inflation and expansion. Consequently, dogs may find it difficult to defecate.

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The substance in the anal sacs creates an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria, leading to the formation of abscesses. If the ducts are damaged or infected, the fluid will not drain properly, eventually resulting in an anal sac abscess filled with pus.

Do all dogs need their anal glands expressed?

The majority of dogs do not require the expression of their anal sacs. Most dogs’ anal sacs function normally, releasing a small amount of liquid produced by the glands with each defecation. However, there are cases where the anal glands do not empty spontaneously or sufficiently. This can cause discomfort, leakage at inappropriate times, or impaction and infection.

Signs that your dog’s anal glands need expression

If your dog is dripping anal gland fluid, it is an indication that their glands need to be expressed. Swelling and fluid retention in the anal glands are signs that should prompt you to contact a veterinarian promptly. Other signs include constant licking and nibbling around the hind end and base of the tail, a distinct odor similar to rotting fish and excrement, and discoloration of sitting or sleeping spots on the floor or furniture over time.


It is strongly advised not to attempt expressing your dog’s anal glands on your own. Due to the delicate nature of the area, even a slight mistake can have disastrous consequences. Always take your dog to a qualified veterinarian who can perform the procedure safely. The cost for this procedure typically ranges from $25 to $35. Additionally, it is not recommended to have the glands secreted regularly during grooming, as this may cause stress for the animal. Excessive production of anal gland secretions when they are not needed can lead to swelling and sacculation of the glands. For reliable and professional assistance, visit 1mquotes.

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