How to Keep Your Windows Safe from Your Pets

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How to Pet-Proof Your Windows

Cats and dogs bring joy and companionship to our lives. However, they can unintentionally cause damage to our windows by scratching screens, breaking blinds, and snagging curtains. If you’re looking for ways to prevent your pets from damaging your windows, you’re in the right place. This guide will provide you with valuable insights on pet-proofing your windows and making changes at home.

Understanding Why Cats and Dogs Damage Windows

Your pets may not intentionally cause damage to your windows and treatments. Their scratching or chewing can be a result of deeper behavioral issues. Understanding why your pets are damaging your windows can help you address the problem effectively.

Dogs and Window Damage

Dogs may damage windows due to various reasons, including:

  • Boredom: When dogs lack physical or mental stimulation, they find their own ways to release energy, such as digging, scratching, and chewing around windows.
  • Separation anxiety: Dogs with separation anxiety may take out their nervous energy on their surroundings when left home alone.
  • Spotting pets, people, or prey: Dogs often exhibit territorial behaviors like barking or scratching when they see something outside their home.
  • Noise anxiety: Dogs have heightened senses and can get anxious from unfamiliar sounds. Chewing, jumping, and scratching windows can be their way of expressing worry.
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Cats and Window Damage

Cats with destructive behaviors usually have underlying reasons that are completely normal. Early correction is easier with kittens, but older cats may require more effort to change their habits. If your cat is causing window damage, it may be due to:

  • Unmet scratching needs: Scratching is a normal behavior in cats. Providing scratching pads or posts can help them redirect their scratching urges.
  • Curiosity or seeking comfort: Some cats, especially kittens, may suck or chew on materials to comfort themselves or explore. Providing toys, space, and attention can help them nurture these behaviors healthily.

Ways to Pet-Proof Your Windows

If you’ve experienced your pet’s destructive behavior, don’t worry. There are effective ways to redirect their actions and protect your windows. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you can pet-proof your windows and reduce damage. Here are some tips:


As a cat owner, you may be wondering how to eliminate cat scratches on window screens. These popular cat-proofing methods can help prevent window damage:

  • Put down double-sided sticky tape on the windowsills. Cats dislike the sticky feeling on their paws, deterring them from jumping onto the windows.
  • Reinforce your window screens from the outside using duct tape, screws, or nails.
  • Replace your window screens with heavier, more durable options. You can also double up your screens for extra reinforcement.
  • Provide enough options for them to scratch and play with, such as scratching posts and toys.
  • Install metal grids or acrylic grill guards on your window screens, preventing your cat’s access to the windows.
  • Choose metal latches to strengthen your locks and prevent the window from opening too far.
  • Replace your current screens with magnetic window screens, allowing your cat to come and go without scratching the screen.
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Whether your dog has just started targeting your windows or you’ve been struggling with preventing window damage, here are some tried-and-true solutions:

Tried-and-True Solutions

  • Exercise your dog frequently to reduce the urge to scratch and chew windows.
  • Block your dog’s access to windows by installing a window guard. This way, you can still use window blinds if desired.
  • Invest in thicker, more durable window coverings to reduce the risk of bending and breaking.
  • Use a baby gate to block off entry to windows, preventing any damage.
  • Leave your blinds partially raised to allow your dog to look out without raising them completely.

Things to Consider When Buying Blinds

Before purchasing new blinds, consider the following factors to protect your windows from your pet:

Find Quality Options

Choose blinds of good quality that will last. Look for stronger materials that can withstand scratching and chewing from your pets.

Choose the Right Style

Consider different blind styles and orientations based on your window size and shape. Vertical blinds are a superior option as they allow your pet to stick its head between the slats without bending or breaking them. Top-down, bottom-up cordless shades also offer unique advantages, allowing dogs to push the blinds up from the bottom without damaging them.

Consider Alternatives or Additions

Window film is a common alternative to blinds and can filter light while reducing views from the outside. You can use window film in conjunction with blinds for additional light filtering or aesthetic options.

The Benefits of Pet-Proofing Your Windows

Pet-proofing your windows has several benefits for both you and your pets:

  • Improved safety: Pet-proofing allows your pets to enjoy the view without posing a risk to themselves.
  • Enhanced appearances: Barriers like grills and baby gates prevent costly damage to window frames, screens, and blinds, preserving the aesthetics of your home.
  • Happier pets: Noise, light, and stress-reducing methods protect your windows and help your pets feel more comfortable.
  • Secure window parts: Pet screens are stronger than regular screens, providing better durability and still allowing fresh air to come through.
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