How to Clean a Cat Tree or Tower

Video how to clean cat tree from fleas

Cleaning a cat tree or cat tower is an essential task to ensure the health and comfort of your feline friend. By following these three easy steps, you can deep clean a used cat tree, removing cat fur, odors, viruses, and even ringworm. Not only will this help create a clean and pleasant environment for your cat, but it will also reduce the chances of your cat urine marking its territory, transfer of viruses or ringworm, and eliminate any possible fleas or flea eggs. Let’s dive into the steps to clean your cat tree effectively.

Step 1: Vacuum the Entire Cat Tower

Start by using a vacuum cleaner to remove as much loose cat hair as possible. While it may be challenging to remove all the hair, vacuuming will make the next steps easier. Cordless stick vacuums work exceptionally well for this task, allowing you to navigate the smaller surfaces of a cat tower effortlessly. If you don’t have a cordless stick vacuum, any vacuum cleaner will do the job. Don’t forget to use the attachments to reach tight spaces, cracks, and even the vertical parts of the cat tree.

Cat Tower

Step 2: Use Tools to Remove More Cat Hair

While vacuuming will remove most of the loose hair, embedded or impacted cat hair may require additional tools. Consider using a lint removal tool, a lint roller, or a cat deshedding tool to tackle the remaining hair. Different tools may work better on various surfaces such as carpet, faux fur, or sisal. If you already have cat shedding tools or lint rollers, give them a try before investing in a lint removal tool. Experimentation will help you find the best method to remove cat hair efficiently.

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Step 3: Disinfect the Cat Tree

The final step in cleaning your cat tree is to disinfect it thoroughly. Start by using a spray that kills fleas or any remaining flea eggs. This step will also allow you to spot clean any stains on the cat tower. A top choice for disinfection is the Rescue brand, available in wipes or liquid form. Rescue brand is designed for veterinary use and can effectively remove viruses, fungi, bacteria, and even ringworm fungus. Ensure you follow the instructions on the label carefully and let the cat tower dry completely before allowing your cat access.

Tip: Protect your hands by wearing latex gloves or other gloves when using disinfecting wipes.

Cleaning your cat tree regularly will eliminate odors, stains, excessive cat hair, and potential health hazards. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can ensure a clean and healthy environment for your furry friend.

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