Cleaning Artificial Grass: Tips for Dog Owners

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Your artificial grass lawn is a sight to behold! But as soon as your furry friend enters the scene, it’s a whole new story. It seems like your dog has found the perfect spot to claim as their own. So, how do you keep your artificial grass clean? What methods should you use? Let’s dive into the world of cleaning artificial grass and discover how to maintain a pristine lawn even with dogs around.

Pet Waste and Cleaning Artificial Grass

Your dogs are likely to fall head over paws for your new artificial grass lawn. The soil-like smell is absent, which reduces their inclination to dig. However, the grass looks and feels so real that they can’t resist a long, playful session. Eventually, they’ll need to go to the bathroom. Here’s what you can do to address the issue of pet waste on your beautiful lawn.

Take Immediate Action

Treat your artificial grass lawn like your favorite shirt or outfit that has been soiled. Don’t waste time, act swiftly! When you notice pet waste, clean it as soon as possible. By doing this, you minimize the need for deep cleaning and eliminate any lingering odors.

How to Deal with Solid Waste

If your dog spends most of its time outside, you’ll need to be more vigilant. Check your lawn for solid waste two or three times a day and remove it promptly. For fresh waste, you can either spray it off with water or use a damp paper towel to wipe it away. This method works best to treat fresh solid waste. For waste that has dried or hardened, remove it to prevent it from getting pressed down into the turf. Once all waste has been cleared, rinse your lawn with fresh, clean water.

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Handling Urine Issues

Ideally, your artificial grass should be designed to allow urine and hair to flow through to the substrate underneath for proper drainage. There should be no odor emanating from your lawn. If you notice any lingering smells, give your yard a gentle rinse with clean water to wash away anything clinging to the surface and ensure proper drainage.

Before we move on, let’s address one concern: pet waste like poop and urine will not damage or discolor your artificial grass. So don’t panic if you discover a missed pile or detect the smell of urine in a specific area. It won’t harm your lawn. However, if you still need peace of mind, follow the next section for general cleaning tips to keep your lawn looking and feeling brand new.

Cleaning Artificial Grass with Spray Cleaners

To keep your lawn free of pet waste, dirt, and other debris, follow these general guidelines. Before using any cleaner, check with the manufacturer of your artificial grass to ensure that it won’t void your warranty. Once you have the green light, proceed with these care instructions:

  1. Spray the affected areas of your lawn with water from a hose. This step helps to wet the area and prepare it for cleaning products. It also loosens any waste or debris, making your cleaning efforts more efficient.

  2. Mop the affected areas using a stain remover, disinfectant, or stain deodorizer. You can even use an approved enzyme spray to break up the waste molecules. Many people opt for a water and vinegar solution as a natural pet waste spray. It’s essential to avoid using pest and weed control chemicals on your artificial lawn, and the vinegar and water spray serves as an eco-friendly alternative. Ensure that any other products you use are also all-natural, making them safe for pets, children, and the environment. By following these two steps, you can minimize pet waste issues on your lawn.

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Cleaning Artificial Grass

Other Ways to Combat Pet Waste

There’s one simple way to reduce pet waste on your lawn: walk your dog elsewhere and always carry a doggy poop bag with you. Investing in an artificial grass lawn means protecting your investment. By minimizing direct contact between pet waste and your lawn, you reduce the maintenance and cleaning required. If you already have an installed lawn and acquire a pet, follow the general care guidelines mentioned above to keep your lawn in top shape. Cleaning artificial grass is quick and easy, ensuring that it remains as beautiful as the day it was installed.

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