3 Creative Ways to Hunt Raccoons without Dogs

Coon hunting is a thrilling and rewarding hobby that many enthusiasts pursue. However, the idea of hunting raccoons without dogs can be intimidating for beginners. But fear not, my friend! It is entirely possible and, believe it or not, some people actually prefer hunting raccoons this way. In this article, we will explore three innovative methods to go coon hunting without a dog.

1. The Field Hunt

To begin your coon hunting adventure, start by using trail cameras to determine whether raccoons inhabit the area. Alternatively, if you’re already aware of a raccoon problem or know they are active nearby, you’re already one step ahead in solving the puzzle.

As night falls, grab a coon squall or a mouse squeaker and use it to pique the curiosity or hunger of the raccoons. Stay still and silent until you hear movement. Once you do, shine your coon hunting spotlight towards the trees. Raccoons will naturally turn their attention towards the light, revealing their shiny eyes in the darkness.

Some electronic predator calls even include raccoon calls in their programming. Additionally, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to download prerecorded sounds to assist you in your dog-free hunting endeavors. Remember, positioning yourself carefully for a precise shot is crucial to successfully bagging your target.

2. The Art of Trapping

In many regions, raccoons are considered pests, causing havoc by knocking over trash bins and wreaking havoc in gardens. If you prefer not to venture into the woods at night, trapping might be the perfect solution for you. All you need is a trap and some raccoon bait to entice them.

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When it comes to raccoon bait, almost any food item you have at home will do the trick. From sardines to cut-up hot dogs, fruits, or even cat food, these aromatic treats will surely attract raccoons to your trap.

Once you’ve successfully trapped a raccoon, you have a choice. If it has been causing problems, you may choose to dispatch it. Alternatively, consider bringing it to your local coon hunting club, where others may have a use for it in training their young coonhounds.

3. The Hillbilly Hunt

This hunting method combines elements of trapping and field hunting. By strategically placing bait, preferably something quite pungent, you can entice hungry raccoons to emerge from hiding. Now, all that’s left is to patiently lie in wait and use a coon squall every 15 to 20 minutes.

Remember, raccoons are cautious creatures, so it may take some time for them to approach. But be patient, my friend, because curiosity will eventually overcome their wariness. Once you hear their approach, employ your trusty hunting spotlight to locate the raccoon and take your well-aimed shot.

Wrapping Up

These are my three favorite methods for hunting raccoons without the assistance of a trusty canine companion. If you’ve been hesitant to delve into coon hunting due to the lack of a dog, let this article inspire you to take the plunge. And if you happen to know any other successful methods, don’t hesitate to share them with me in the comments section below!

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