Alizen 30 mg: The Solution for Unwanted Pregnancies in Pets

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need a safe and effective way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in your beloved pet? Look no further, because Alizen 30 mg is here to help. This remarkable solution is not only designed to end pregnancies in pets up to 45 days after accidental mating but also treats pyometra in dogs and cats without surgery. Let’s dive deeper into the composition, usage, and benefits of this incredible product.

Composition and Form of Release

As a highly effective drug, Alizen contains 30 mg of aglepristone in every 1 ml dose, along with ethanol (0.1 ml) and peanut oil. It comes in a clear yellow solution for subcutaneous injection, sealed in glass vials with chlorobutanol caps and aluminum caps.

Pharmacological Properties

Aglepristone, the active ingredient in Alizen, acts as a progesterone antagonist, blocking progesterone receptors in the uterus. This disruption of the normal physiological process of maintaining pregnancy in bitches leads to either abortion or fetal resorption. Interestingly, the ability of aglepristone to bind to progesterone receptors in the uterus in dogs is three times higher than that of progesterone itself. Additionally, aglepristone does not alter plasma concentrations of other hormones within 24 hours after administration, but it does promote the release of prolactin within 12 hours. The maximum concentration of aglepristone is observed in the blood 2.5 days after administration. After being transformed in the liver, aglepristone is primarily excreted in the feces.

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Indications and Dosage

Alizen is primarily used to terminate unwanted pregnancies in pets up to 45 days after an accidental mating. For dogs, the drug is administered twice, with an interval of 24 hours, under strict aseptic conditions. The dosage is 10 mg/kg of animal weight. In cats, the drug is given once, also at a dosage of 10 mg/kg. For doses greater than 5 ml, multiple injection points are recommended. The duration of treatment for dogs is within 0-45 days of gestation, while for cats it is 7-8 days after mating. With a remarkable effectiveness rate of 99% (when used before the 25th day) and 96% (when used before the 45th day), Alizen ensures a safe and reliable solution.

Side Effects and Contraindications

While side effects are rare, allergic reactions are a possibility in animals with increased sensitivity. Some animals may experience local inflammation and pain at the injection site. In bitches treated after the twentieth day of pregnancy, abortion may be accompanied by signs of physiological childbirth, such as the expulsion of the fetus, slight loss of appetite, and milk stagnation.

Alizen should not be used in animals with individual hypersensitivity to aglepristone. It is also contraindicated for use in dogs with impaired liver, kidney, and adrenal glands, as well as patients with diabetes.

Storage and Special Instructions

For optimal preservation, store Alizen in a closed package provided by the manufacturer. Keep it in a dry place, protected from light, and out of the reach of children and animals. Ensure it is stored separately from food and feed at a temperature between 15°C to 25°C. The shelf life of the drug, under proper storage conditions, is 3 years from the date of manufacture. Once the vial is opened, the drug can be used for up to 28 days, given that aseptic rules and storage guidelines are followed at a temperature of 3°C to 8°C.

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With Alizen 30 mg, you can confidently address unwanted pregnancies in your pets, ensuring their well-being and your peace of mind. Say goodbye to the stress of accidental matings and trust in the reliability of Alizen. For more information and to purchase Alizen, please visit 1mquotes. Your pets deserve the best care, and Alizen delivers exactly that.

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