The Ultimate Guide to Efficient Material Farming in Battlecats

Video how to get building materials in battle cats

Are you tired of wasting energy on inefficient stages while trying to farm materials in Battlecats? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll provide you with the most optimal chapters and stages for farming different materials. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to efficient farming!

Optimal Chapters

When it comes to farming materials, there are certain chapters that stand out from the rest. Here are the subchapters with the best material drop rates per energy spent. Avoid using the material blitz stages as they are not efficient and may not give you the material you desire.

  • Bricks: Castle of Fish (The Sea Whispers, 85 energy)
  • Feathers: Kombu Cape (Iberian Plains, 95 energy)
  • Coal: Prince of Darkness (Torture Room, 50 energy)
  • Sprockets: The Legend Begins (Earthshaker, 50 energy)
  • Gold: Battle Royale (Her Highness, Milk T., 80 energy)
  • Meteorite: Area 22 (Chupacabra Love, 150 energy)
  • Beast Bones: Walk of Fame (Beverly Hills Scoop, 115 energy)
  • Ammonite:
    • Drunken Foundry in 1 star (Unmoving Conveyer, 170 energy)
    • Abyss Gazers in 2 star (Inspirational Mural, 170 energy, better but requires you to play 2* UL!)

While some players may prefer different stages within the same chapter with slightly higher energy costs, remember that energy efficiency is crucial when farming. After all, energy takes time to replenish. For more suggestions, take a look at the “Easier Stages” section later in this guide.

Early SoL Alternatives

If you’re in a desperate situation, there are some alternatives to the optimal chapters mentioned above. Although these chapters aren’t as good, they can still be useful when necessary.

  • Bricks, Coal, Sprockets: All optimal stages are already available in the early game.
  • Feathers: Prince of Darkness (Torture Room, 50 energy, about equal with Kombu Cape)
  • Gold: Low Tide Beach (Clammy Cove, 90 energy, very poor rate)
  • Meteorites:
    • Body and Soul (Sunset’s Howl, 80 energy, nearly as good as Area 22)
    • Alcatraz (Gull Coast, 100 energy, very poor rate)
  • Beast Bones: Jail Break Tunnel (Sin and Punishment, 100 energy, very poor rate)
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Early Uncanny Legends

For those seeking Ammonites, there is an alternative chapter available in the early stages of Uncanny Legends.

  • Ammonites: Here Be Dragons (Pilaf Field, 160 energy, nearly as good as Abyss Gazers)

Two Materials

Sometimes, you may need to farm two specific materials simultaneously. In such cases, it can be more efficient to switch to a different chapter that is not optimal for either material alone but is still good for both of them. Here are some chapters that can help you with this:

  • Gold + Feathers: Shadow Cosmopolis (Morning Rush Hour, 90 energy)
  • Meteorites + Bricks/Feathers/Coal: Body and Soul (Sunset’s Howl, 80 energy)
  • Meteorites + Gold: Beyond the Savannah (The Noble Tribe, 150 energy)
  • Beast Bones + Sprockets: Quarantine Isles (Ancestral Ways, 105 energy)
  • Beast Bones + Meteorites: Mouseyland (Rickety Coaster, 110 energy)
  • Ammonites + Gold: Primeval Currents (Wandering Conch, 160 energy)

For other combinations of materials, the best strategy is to play the two optimal stages for each material individually.

Easier Stages

If the most efficient stages mentioned above seem too challenging, don’t worry! We have some backup choices for you. While these stages may not be as efficient, they are easier to complete and can still provide you with the materials you need.

  • Beast Bones: Walk of Fame (Paparazzi Paradise, 125 energy)
  • Gold + Feathers: Shadow Cosmopolis (Hungry Forest, 105 energy)
  • Meteorites + Gold: Beyond the Savannah (Nikumanjuro/Dry Season, 160 energy)
  • Beast Bones + Sprockets: Quarantine Isles (High Watchtower, 115 energy)
  • Beast Bones + Meteorites: Mouseyland (Greeter At The Gates, 120 energy)
  • Ammonites + Gold: Primeval Currents (Marine Town, 180 energy)
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So, there you have it! Follow this guide to optimize your material farming in Battlecats and make the most out of your energy. Happy farming!

Disclaimer: None of the information in this guide was made by the FANDOM staff/team. Relevant credit is attributed towards night#3310, obafgkm#7789, and lhk#2349 of the R/Battlecats Discord Server for their research into the best stages to farm resources. The raw paste data is attributed towards ThanksFëanor#3087.

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