Mechanics of Stats and Levelling in Battle Cats

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This article will delve into the mathematics and mechanics of levelling up cats in Battle Cats. We will explore how HP and damage increase with each level and the significance of EoC treasures. If you’ve ever wondered about the importance of levelling up, the impact of treasures, or the efficiency of catseyes, this article is for you.


Every cat in the game has base stats, including initial damage per hit and HP values. These base stats represent the cat’s stats at Level 1 with no EoC treasures. It’s important to note that different forms of the same cat have different base stats, so they are not directly related.

When you level up a cat or obtain EoC treasures, you increase its stats above the base values. Cats with higher base stats will have a greater increase in stats from levelling and treasures. This means that it’s more beneficial to level up cats with high base stats rather than focusing on cats with status effects but lower raw stats.


EoC treasures, such as the Legendary Cat Sword and Legendary Cat Shield, play a crucial role in increasing a cat’s stats. The completion percentage of these treasures directly affects the stat increase. For example:

  • At 100% treasure completion, cats will have 1.5 times the damage and HP.
  • At 200% treasure completion, cats will have double the damage and HP.
  • At 300% treasure completion, cats will have two and a half times the damage and HP.
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These treasures are essential for boosting your cat’s stats and should be prioritized early in the game. It’s worth noting that Catbot and other websites display stats with 300% treasure completion.


Levelling up a cat increases its stats. At low levels, the increase is a fixed percentage of the base stats. For example:

  • Level 2: 1.2 times the base damage and HP
  • Level 3: 1.4 times the base damage and HP

With full EoC treasures, the stat increase at low levels is amplified. A general formula for the stats of a cat at level L would be:

  • Level L: (2 + L/2) times the base damage and HP

It’s important to note that at higher levels, the increase in stats becomes smaller, known as a Levelling Curve. Different types of cats have different Levelling Curves, such as Normal and Special Cats, Super Rares, Ubers, and Legend Rares. Each has its own progression of stat increases per level.

Attack Orbs

Attack Talent Orbs also contribute to a cat’s damage output. The level of the orb determines the increase in damage. Higher-level orbs provide a significant boost, equivalent to powering up a cat by several levels. The formula for the stats of a cat with an orb of level O would be:

  • Level L: ([2 + L/2] + O) times the base damage

It’s important to consider Levelling Curves when using orbs, as the value of additional levels decreases as you level up more. Nonetheless, orbs can significantly enhance your cat’s attack power.

Catseye Efficiency

Catseyes are used to power up cats beyond certain levels. After level 30, it costs 1 catseye per level, and after level 45, it costs 2 catseyes per level. However, it’s important to consider catseye efficiency based on the stat gain per catseye.

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Boosting a cat from level 30 to 40 provides a higher stat gain per catseye compared to boosting from level 45 to 50. Therefore, it’s more efficient to use catseyes on cats with greater stat gains.

NP vs Plus Levels at High Boost

Selling duplicate cats for NP is commonly recommended, especially for non-stat-oriented units. However, there are cases where adding a + level to attackers or high HP units can be beneficial. It’s important to consider the diminishing returns of + levels at higher levels and the constant NP return from selling duplicates.

When deciding between using + levels or selling for NP, consider your main objectives, such as User Rank or performance vs. cost.

The Importance of Treasures

EoC treasures have a significant impact on a cat’s stats. Treasured cats have higher stats compared to treasureless cats of the same level. It’s crucial to prioritize obtaining and upgrading treasures to maximize your cat’s potential.

Crazed vs Normal Stat Ratio

It’s often said that manics at a given level have roughly the same stats as basics at double the level. While this statement holds true, it’s important to note that at lower levels, manics have a significant advantage due to their higher initial base stats. As levels increase, the difference between manics and double-level normals decreases.


Levelling up cats is a fundamental aspect of Battle Cats, but understanding the mechanics behind it can optimize your gameplay. The importance of treasures, the efficiency of catseyes, and the impact of stat curves should all be considered when making decisions about your cat’s progression.

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Don’t overlook the power of treasures and the potential of EoC completion. By strategically investing in levelling and treasures, you can strengthen your cat army and conquer the battles that lie ahead.

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