How to Freshen Up Your Smelly Dryer

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A smelly dryer can be a major annoyance. Nobody wants their freshly washed clothes to come out of the dryer with an unpleasant odor. Luckily, we have a simple guide to help you get rid of that musty smell and leave your dryer and clothes smelling fresh and clean again.

Clean the Lint Filter

The first step to combatting the smell in your dryer is to inspect and clean the lint filter. As your dryer dries your clothes, small bits of damp fibers collect in the lint tray, resulting in musty odors if left untouched.

To clean the lint filter:

  • Remove the screen from the trap and remove as much lint as possible from the screen with your hands. Use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove lint and debris from the trap.
  • Fill a sink with water, add a few drops of liquid dish soap, and soak the screen in the soapy water. Use a soft-bristle scrub brush to scrub away any remaining lint.
  • Thoroughly rinse the screen under running water and allow it to air dry completely before replacing it into the lint trap.

Note: Make sure the lint filter is completely dry before putting it back in, as a damp filter can promote mildew growth and cause the smell to return.

Clean the Dryer with Soapy Water and Bleach

For a basic cleaning, soapy water is the most effective way to remove odors from your dryer. However, if your dryer has a strong mildew odor, you can also use bleach to kill any remaining mildew.

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To clean the dryer:

  • Pour hot water into a bottle sprayer and add a few drops of liquid laundry detergent or dish soap. Shake the container gently to mix the solution.
  • Spray the inside of the drum with the soapy water and use rags or old towels to wipe down the surface.
  • Spray the inside of the dryer door and the gasket with the cleaner and wipe away all residue.
  • Rinse the rags under cold water and wipe down the inside surface again to remove any remaining soap.
  • Fill a bucket with a gallon of water and half a cup of bleach. Use a rag dipped in the solution to wipe down the inside of the dryer drum, door, and gasket.
  • Wet an old towel with warm water and place it in the dryer. Tumble dry it until it’s dry to remove any bleach residue.

Clean the Dryer with Vinegar

If you prefer a more natural approach to deodorizing your dryer, white vinegar is an excellent solution. Fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water and saturate a few old towels with the liquid. Place the towels in the dryer to dry. As the cloth tumbles around inside the drum, the vinegar will kill mold and mildew.

Note: You can enhance the scent by adding a few drops of essential oil, such as myrtle, lemon, or eucalyptus, to the vinegar mixture before spraying the towels.

Deodorize the Dryer with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a fantastic odor absorber. To deodorize your dryer, wet a towel and sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the surface. Place the cloth in the dryer and dry it on the lowest drying cycle until completely dry. Baking soda will not only absorb bad smells from the dryer but also eliminate any lingering odors from cleaning products.

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Clean the Dryer Vent Hose

If you’ve cleaned the lint filter and the smell persists, the vent hose may be the culprit. Mildew can grow in the vent hose if lint is allowed to build up.

To clean the vent hose:

  1. Unplug your dryer and move it away from the wall for easy access.
  2. Locate the dryer vent, which is attached to the back of your dryer if it vents to the outside.
  3. Remove the vent line from the back of the dryer by pulling it gently but firmly.
  4. Check for lint or debris inside the dryer where the pipe was attached and remove it with your hand or a dry cloth.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean the duct pipe. Remove the duct pipe completely and vacuum as far inside as possible to remove visible lint, which causes the unpleasant smell.

Prevent a Smelly Dryer in the Future

To avoid dealing with a smelly dryer again, follow these tips:

  • Empty the lint filter after every use.
  • Make sure clothes are completely dry before removing them from the dryer.
  • Never leave damp clothes sitting in the dryer.
  • Keep the dryer door open when not in use.
  • Clean out the vent hose regularly (every six months to a year, depending on usage).

With these easy steps, you’ll be able to freshen up your smelly dryer and enjoy clean, fresh-smelling clothes every time. For more handy tips and tricks, visit 1mquotes.

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