The Importance of Guardian Homes and Co-Owns: When and How to Use Them

You’ve probably heard the terms “guardian homes” and “co-owns” thrown around, but do you really know what they mean? More importantly, do you know when to use them in your breeding program? Let’s dive into the world of guardian homes and co-owns and explore their significance in maintaining a successful breeding program.

Understanding the Difference

Before we delve deeper, let’s break down the key difference between guardian homes and co-owns. In a guardian home arrangement, the guardian doesn’t have any interest in the offspring of the dog. They simply want a pet and have agreed to let the breeder use the dog for breeding purposes. On the other hand, in a co-own, both parties have a vested interest in the offspring of the dog. Co-owns offer a variety of options and scenarios, which we’ll discuss shortly.

It’s crucial to remember that these relationships should always be guided by a well-written contract that benefits all parties involved. This ensures clarity and sets the foundation for a successful partnership.

The Benefits of Guardian Homes

1. Maintaining Rare Genetics: A common use for guardian homes is to preserve genetics that you don’t frequently need or genetics that you can obtain from just one puppy. For example, let’s say you have a guardian home relationship with a buyer who owns a sibling of one of your breeding females. By using this arrangement, you can retain valuable genetics without the need to maintain an additional dog.

2. Overcoming Limitations: Guardian homes can also help overcome limitations on the number of dogs you can keep. Whether it’s due to local ordinances or leasing contracts, having a guardian home allows you to expand your breeding program without exceeding the allowed number of dogs in your household.

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3. Ensuring Quality of Life: Some breeders believe that guardian homes provide a better quality of life and a forever home for their retired breeding dogs. When a breeder retires a dog, finding a suitable home can be challenging, especially for older dogs. By utilizing a guardian home, you can ensure that your dog has a loving home for life and continue borrowing them for a few litters.

4. Backup Plan: Guardian homes can serve as a backup for your genetics in case of unforeseen tragedy. Suppose you experience a house fire or lose a valuable breeder due to a tragic accident. Having a few guardian homes in place can prevent the collapse of your breeding program. It’s always wise to have a backup plan and avoid putting “all your eggs in one basket.”

Making the Most of Guardian Homes

When selecting a guardian home, it’s crucial to choose someone you trust and who understands your breeding program’s goals. An ideal guardian home is not only reliable but also provides a high quality of life for the dog.

As a breeder, it’s essential to establish a timeline for the guardian home arrangement. Determine when the dog will have full ownership and no longer require your involvement. Consider setting a specific age or a predetermined number of litters as a guide. Remember, it’s essential to ensure that the guardian home benefits from the arrangement as well. You can provide discounts, kickbacks, or even refund the guardian after they’ve completed their term with you.

In conclusion, guardian homes and co-owns are valuable tools in maintaining a successful breeding program. They allow breeders to preserve genetics, overcome limitations, ensure a high quality of life for their dogs, and provide a backup plan in the face of unforeseen circumstances. By establishing strong relationships with trusted individuals and utilizing well-written contracts, breeders can maximize the benefits of these arrangements.

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