How to Catch Rare Fish in Cats and Soup (2023)

Video how to get rare fish in cats and soup

Cats and Soup, an endearing cat game available on mobile, has captured the hearts of players on both the Apple and Google Play Store. In this peaceful animal forest, you can raise cats that not only prepare soup but also delight you with their adorable antics. However, it turns out that these feline chefs have a particular fondness for fish. In this guide, we will explore how to catch rare fish in Cats and Soup and enhance your gameplay.

Understanding Rare Fish in Cats and Soup

Within the game, there are three types of fish for each fish category. The rare fish category includes the Halibut, the Bream, and the Yellowtail. Catching all three rare fish grants you a special order reward, increasing its value by 5%. The star rating of each fish indicates its value, with higher ratings denoting higher value.

How to Get Rare Fish in Cats And Soup GamesBustop

The Halibut, for instance, is a green fish with a rating of 10 stars. Conversely, the Bream is an orange fish with a 20-star rating. Lastly, the Yellowtail, despite its name, is a blue fish with a rating of 25 stars.

Feeding fish to your cats not only satisfies their hunger but also enhances their cooking abilities. By feeding fish to your cats, you can increase their happiness and earn additional hearts. These hearts, in turn, boost the price of dishes prepared at the cat’s station. For instance, a cat with three hearts at the carrot station increases the soup’s price from +100f gold to +130f gold. Furthermore, cats with two stars and a matching carrot skill can double the dish price to +260f gold. It is advisable to feed fish to cats with higher star levels, maximizing your profits with each station upgrade.

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How to Get Rare Fish in Cats And Soup (2023)

It is essential to note that feeding fish not only affects the price of carrot soup but also increases the base price of all soups. Additionally, you can showcase your rare and legendary fish in an aquarium, adding a touch of beauty to your cat-filled world.

Catching Rare Fish in Cats and Soup

When you first start playing Cats and Soup, fishing will not be immediately available. To unlock the fishing minigame, you must craft the Bulletin Board and Peeling Corns station. Once these stations are ready, you can build the Fishing Pond for 1000B gold.

With your pond ready, it’s time to create a fishing rod and start your fishing adventure. To know when a fish has bitten the hook, keep an eye out for vibrations in the fishing rod. Make sure you have enabled vibration in your settings to feel the vibration when a fish bites. When the rod vibrates, it is your cue to reel in the fish. Remember, you only have five baits, so use them wisely. Once exhausted, you will need to wait for two hours to replenish your bait.

In a day, you can fish up to 14 times. Patience is key, especially when trying to catch rare fish. Some experienced players suggest that the number of hearts you currently possess increases your chances of finding rare fish. Aim to level up your cats and ensure they have at least two hearts to test this theory.

How to Get Rare Fish in Cats And Soup (2023)

Additionally, you can identify the fish species based on their movements. Most minnows make a beeline or hover around before swiftly darting towards the bait. If you suspect a minnow, you can pull the rod away before they fully bite, saving your bait from being wasted.

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In Conclusion

That concludes our guide on how to catch rare fish in Cats and Soup. This game offers a delightful experience for cat lovers, with its charming forest aesthetics, relaxing ASMR, and soothing background soundtrack. Take a break from the wait for fish bait accumulation by exploring other aspects of the game, such as discovering new recipes or adopting new cats. For more tips and tricks, keep an eye out for future Cats and Soup-related guides.

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