5 Tips for Keeping Pets Out of The Trash

There’s a reason why we put unwanted items out for commercial garbage pickup – trash is nasty. Food waste stinks, paper and plastic cause clutter, and some items just aren’t meant to be kept forever.

But do our pets know this? Of course not. To animals, trash bins are a source of snacks and chew toys. This can be frustrating for both pet owners and garbage service workers, especially when they find garbage bags ripped to shreds on the carpet or the sidewalk.

If you’re having trouble keeping your pets out of your indoor and outdoor dumpsters or recycling bins, it’s time to take action. Fortunately, there are several simple methods for protecting your trash from animal invaders. Here are a few ways you can keep your trash out of your dog’s mouth and in the bin where it belongs.

For Indoor Garbage-Destroyers

Invest in a Lidded Can with Safety Locks

Many stores and online retailers carry simple lid locking mechanisms that can keep your trash sealed against cats, dogs, and even toddlers. As long as your trash can has a lid, these devices prevent the lid from being lifted without detaching the clip mechanism. Some trash cans also come with their own latching mechanism, and cans with pedals tend to be more challenging for dogs to invade.

Keep Pets Fed and Entertained

Another good strategy for keeping pets away from the trash is to provide them with other distractions. If you give your pup plenty of toys, treats, and food to keep them occupied, they will be less likely to devour discarded butter paper or used tissues.

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Don’t Leave Tempting Items Inside

Even a well-fed, well-trained dog or cat has trouble resisting the tempting smells of discarded food. To prevent your pet from raiding the garbage, avoid tossing chicken packaging, leftovers, or other strong-smelling food items until you’re ready to take the trash out. If you have to throw away these items, take the trash out before the indoor bin is full. By doing this, your pet will never have the chance to steal from the garbage in the first place.

For Outdoor Garbage Thieves

Install Lights with Motion Sensors

Raccoons, stray cats, and even other people’s pets tend to be spooked by sudden motions or environmental changes. Installing lights with motion sensors around your garbage area can deter them. For example, if your garage light suddenly flicks on when an opossum sneaks down your driveway, it might just scurry away.

Double Bag

To prevent smaller rodents, insects, and pets from getting into your outdoor trash and dumpsters, consider using two bags. Adding an extra layer of plastic makes infiltration more challenging for creatures without thumbs. However, only resort to this method if you’ve had repeat offenders, as you don’t want to waste trash bags unnecessarily.

In their lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times the amount of their weight in garbage. All of that trash provides plenty of opportunities for pets and outdoor critters alike to invade and steal garbage from dumpsters. But you can prevent the mess and headaches of animal trash invasions with these indoor and outdoor tips.

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Remember, keeping your trash secured not only ensures cleanliness but also keeps your pets safe and healthy. So, take action today and implement these tips to keep your trash where it belongs – in the bin.

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