Pete the Cat Halloween Costume

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If you have a young child at home, chances are you’re familiar with Pete the Cat. He’s a groovy blue cat with red shoes who spreads positive messages about sharing, giving second chances, and helping others. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a cute Pete the Cat Halloween costume using a hoodie as the base.

Pete the Cat DIY Hoodie Halloween Costume

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A Hoodie-Based Costume

I absolutely love hoodie-based costumes! When my daughter Hailey decided to dress up as a character from a book for Halloween, it was easy to find a coordinating costume for my other daughter, Brielle. And what better choice than Pete the Cat?

Brielle adores Pete the Cat because these books boost her confidence as an early reader. The positive messages in the stories have my full support, so naturally, I encourage buying all the Pete the Cat books!

Pete the Cat Halloween Costume
Pete the Cat Halloween Costume
Pete the Cat Halloween Costume

To create this costume, I used a blue hoodie as the base. In fact, it’s the same brand I previously used for a Sonic the Hedgehog costume. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blue Hoodie
  • Blue Leggings
  • Pipe Cleaners: Black
  • Felt: Yellow, White, Black, Blue
  • Embroidery thread: Yellow, White, Black, Blue
  • Wire
  • Deco Art So Soft Fabric Paint
  • White canvas shoes
  • Pete the Cat template
  • Felt Adhesive

Pete the Cat Halloween Costume

I’ve been using these white shoes from Walmart for years for DIY shoe assignments, and they’re perfect for costumes. They’re affordable at just $5.97.

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Pete the Cat DIY Hoodie Halloween Costume

To transform the shoes into Pete’s signature red shoes, I used a popular fabric paint.

Pete the Cat Halloween Costume

For the hoodie portion of the Pete the Cat costume, I cut out the shapes from the template and the corresponding pieces of felt. Then I layered them onto the hoodie and secured them with straight pins.

Pete the Cat Halloween Costume
Pete the Cat Halloween Costume

I used embroidery thread to sew the felt pieces onto the hood base. Next, I put the hoodie on Brielle and used chalk to mark where the ears should go. I made small slits along the marks and inserted the blue ears. To keep them in place, I used Beacon Adhesive’s Felt Glue, which dries clear and holds tight.

Pete the Cat Halloween Costume

After a double-check of the book covers, we realized that Pete the Cat has whiskers! So I created a pair using black felt and pipe cleaners. I cut small holes in the hoodie and inserted the whiskers, securing them with some felt glue.

Pete the Cat Halloween Costume

The tail was made by cutting two pieces of blue felt. I also shaped a wire to give it some stiffness. I used glue to attach the felt pieces together with the wire in the middle, and then finished the outer edge with embroidery stitching.

Pete the Cat DIY Hoodie Halloween Costume

To keep things flexible, I used safety pins to attach the tail to the hoodie. That way, if Brielle wanted to take it off later, she could still wear the hoodie without it being a costume.

Pete the Cat DIY Hoodie Halloween Costume

Creating this Pete the Cat costume didn’t take as long as you might think! My girls love wearing these DIY hoodies even after Halloween, so I opted for stitching finishes on many pieces. However, you could always stick to using felt glue.

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Pete the Cat DIY Hoodie Halloween Costume

While we haven’t decided on our Halloween plans yet, at least I know my daughter will have a fun time remembering this eventful year with her Pete the Cat Halloween costume!

DIY Pinkalicious Halloween Costume

And just to keep the book character theme going, check out Hailey’s Pinkalicious costume!

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So there you have it! Some fantastic DIY Halloween costume ideas for you and your little ones. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy the festivities! Remember to visit 1mquotes for more inspiration.

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