3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers For Dogs

Let’s talk cow hoof fillers for dogs! There are countless soft foods you can stuff cow hooves with. Today, I’ll share my pup Wally’s three favorites, along with five additional ideas. Wally, my 5-year-old raw-fed Feist mix, is a food enthusiast, and I enjoy creating tasty and fun meals for him. Enrichment cow hooves for dogs are not only enjoyable but also easy to make and cost-effective. You can purchase a 10-count bag for around $15 from Raw Paws Pet Food, one of my preferred raw dog food suppliers in the US. If you use my affiliate discount code 1mquotes, K9Savings, you can even get an extra 15% off!

Use cow hooves from Raw Paws Pet Food to make cow hoof fillers for dogs

3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers For Dogs

Now, without further ado, let’s explore three delicious fillings for your furry friend’s cow hooves.

1. Ground Raw Dog Food Stuffed Cow Hoof

You can use your dog’s favorite ground raw dog food for this filling. The brand doesn’t matter as long as it’s ground. Alternatively, you can grind your own DIY raw dog food using a meat grinder. Whichever option you choose, your dog will love it!

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Cow hoof fillers for dogs - ground raw dog food

2. Pumpkin Stuffed Cow Hoof

Pumpkin purée is another great option. You can use canned pumpkin from the grocery store, such as Libby’s, or make your own during pumpkin season. It’s an excellent way to utilize overly ripe bananas and prevent waste.

Cow hoof fillers for dogs - pumpkin purée

3. Banana Stuffed Cow Hoof

If your dog enjoys bananas, this is the perfect filling for their cow hooves. You can use mashed, overripe bananas that you might otherwise throw away. It’s a delicious and environmentally friendly option!

Cow hoof fillers for dogs - mashed banana

What Else Can You Stuff Cow Hooves With?

Apart from the three fillings mentioned above, there are plenty of other options to consider. You can stuff cow hooves with fish, green tripe, veggie pulp, peanut butter, or canned dog food. The key is to choose something that makes your dog drool with excitement. While fish might not be the most practical filler for everyone, it’s worth trying different combinations to find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Filling cow hooves for dogs with various fillers

How to Prepare Cow Hooves for Dogs

Preparing cow hooves for your dog is simple: just stuff them with your chosen fillings! There are two ways to offer the stuffed cow hooves to your pup: at room temperature or frozen. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you may prefer offering them at room temperature to avoid any cold shock. However, if your pup can handle it, you can feed them frozen. In my case, Wally enjoys them frozen, and it takes him around 30 minutes to clean out the hoof. Afterward, he usually leaves the hoof behind and goes about his day. If your dog doesn’t consume the hoof, you can reuse it by filling it again. Some dog owners prefer washing the hooves before reuse to ensure cleanliness, but it’s a personal decision.

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When Should You Throw Out Cow Hooves for Dogs?

It’s essential to monitor the condition of the cow hooves. Throw them out if they start to look gross or develop sharp edges. Sharp edges can be a potential hazard, so it’s crucial to prioritize your dog’s safety.

How to Store The Filled Cow Hooves In Your Freezer

To keep your freezer organized, you have several storage options for the filled cow hooves:

  • Wrap them individually in small zip lock bags.
  • Bundle them together in larger zip lock bags.
  • Keep them in a large food storage container if you have enough space.

How to prepare filled cow hooves for dogs for mess-freezer storage
How I store Wally's filled cow hooves in the freezer

Benefits of Stuffed Cow Hooves for Dogs

Filled cow hooves serve as fantastic boredom busters for your furry companion. They are especially useful when you need to entertain your pup while you’re occupied with other tasks. Additionally, they can keep your pup busy during crate rest or recovery from surgery or illness. Cow hooves also provide a cooling treat for hot summer days or a way to beat cabin fever during rainy or snowy weather.

Cow Hoof Fillers for Dogs: Any Cons?

There are not many cons to using cow hooves as a dog chew. However, some people find that cow hooves have a particular odor. As they are a natural product without heavy processing, they can emit a smell. For raw feeders, this odor is usually not an issue, as they are used to handling various raw meats. However, individuals who feed kibble might find the odor more noticeable. Another point to consider is that filled cow hooves may be too big for smaller dogs to consume in one sitting. If you have a smaller dog, you may need to supervise and remove the hoof halfway through to prevent any choking hazards.

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3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers For Dogs: Bottom Line

Creating homemade fillings for cow hooves is an enjoyable experience, and the options are only limited by your pup’s food preferences. Wally’s top three choices are ground raw dog food, pumpkin purée, and mashed banana. However, you can also experiment with green tripe, fish, or canned dog food. Filled cow hooves are an excellent way to keep your dog entertained on activity-restricted days, regardless of the reason. The best part is that they are affordable, costing approximately $15 for a 10-count bag from Raw Paws Pet Food. Remember to use my affiliate discount code, 1mquotes, to save an extra 15% on your purchase. Whether you offer them frozen or at room temperature is up to your dog’s preference. Remember to dispose of any hooves that become gross or develop sharp edges for safety reasons.

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