Keeping Pet Fur after Death: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Lasting Memorabilia

Owning a pet comes with countless joys, one of which is the soft and furry cuddles they provide every day. From the silky fur of a beloved cat to the snuggles of a loyal dog, the touch of their fur brings warmth and comfort. But what happens when our beloved pets pass away? Is there a way to preserve their fur and create touchable mementos that keep their memory alive? The answer is yes.

Why Should You Keep Your Pet’s Hair after Death?

The main reason to keep your pet’s hair after their passing is to create a keepsake that helps you maintain a connection with your beloved companion. A keepsake is a powerful item that holds sentimental value and brings back cherished memories. Unlike other memorial pieces, such as portraits, the touchable texture of pet fur makes it unique and deeply personal. It allows you to reminisce about the loving times you shared with your furry friend.

Moreover, keeping your pet’s fur can also be practical. It may come in handy for future DNA testing, particularly if you need to prove a dog’s breed or establish a genetic relationship.

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Potential Risks of Keeping Pet Fur after Death

While keeping your pet’s fur is a meaningful gesture, it’s crucial to be aware of potential risks. One such risk is pet dander, which are flakes shed from the pet’s skin. Exposure to pet dander can have adverse effects on human respiratory health. Additionally, dog fur may carry parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, it’s essential to handle and store the fur with proper precautions.

Ways of Keeping Your Pet’s Hair after Death

Safe Storage

One of the most common methods of preserving your pet’s fur is through safe storage. To do this, you’ll need an airtight keepsake box, a plastic bag, and lignin-free, acid-free tissue paper. Carefully lay the fur strands on a clean piece of tissue, ensuring they’re straight and untangled. Fold the tissue like an envelope, with the fur neatly tucked inside. Place the folded tissue in a clear plastic bag and seal it. Finally, store the bag in your airtight keepsake container, ensuring the fur retains its texture and color for years to come.

Resin Jewelry

Another creative way to keep your pet’s fur is by using it to make resin jewelry. Begin by coating the hair with a polycrylic protective spray to maintain its soft texture. After a short drying period, separate the fur into smaller strands that can fit into silicone bead molds. Slowly pour resin into the molds, allowing it to dry for about twenty-four hours. Once the resin is completely hardened, demold it, and you’ll have clear pet hair beads. These beads can be used to create various pieces of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklace pendants, and key holders.

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Framing under Glass

Framing your pet’s fur under glass is another excellent option. This not only protects the fur from dust but also allows you to display it in your home as a cherished memento.

What to Do With Dog Fur Immediately After Death

After your beloved dog passes away, it’s essential to handle their fur with care. Before disposing of the body, consider clipping off some fur as a memorabilia. You can either turn it into resin jewelry or safely store it in archival storage. To preserve the fur, clean it with dog shampoo and let it air dry. Comb it gently to remove any tangles, and then store it in an airtight container for safekeeping or future use.

Preserved Pet Hair Shelf Life: How Long Does It Last?

Without proper preservation, pet fur has a limited shelf life. It can become matted and lose its original color, making it less appealing. To ensure your pet’s fur lasts, it’s essential to employ proper preservation techniques. This includes safe storage, using the right products, and keeping the fur away from natural elements that could damage it.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Keeping Pet’s Fur after Death

Before preserving your pet’s fur, there are a few things to consider. First, ensure that your pet did not have any zoonotic diseases that could be transmitted to humans. Also, consider the type of fur your dog had, as some fur may be more challenging to preserve than others. Finally, use trusted products that are proven to effectively preserve pet fur.

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Alternatives to Keeping Pet’s Fur after Death

If keeping your pet’s fur is not the right choice for you, there are alternative ways to memorialize your furry companion:

  • Plant a tree or flower in their honor, creating a daily reminder of the memories you shared.
  • Create a photo album or memory box, compiling pictures and keepsake items in one place.
  • Donate doggie items or volunteer at local animal shelters to spread love to other pets.
  • Donate the fur to birds, who use it for insulation and protection in their nests.
  • Have a textile artist turn the fur into a custom yarn keepsake.
  • Create a social media account dedicated to celebrating your pet’s life.

Closing Thoughts

The fur of a deceased pet holds immense sentimental value. By properly preserving it, you can create lasting memorabilia that will always remind you of their furry softness. Whether through safe storage, resin jewelry, or framing, keeping your pet’s fur allows you to maintain a deep connection with your beloved companion. Cherish the memories and the touch of their fur for years to come.

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