Act III: The Future is in Blume

Video how to uncrouch in watch dogs 2

Travel to the breathtaking location marked on the map and embark on the mission of a lifetime.

Reach Blume

To commence your infiltration, you’ll need to make your way to the impressive Blume building. Locate it on your map and head towards it. Fortunately, it’s not too far away.

Infiltrate Blume unseen

Your trusted ally advises you to enter the facility without being detected. If you fail, the servers will go into lockdown and your mission will be in vain. It’s essential to remain hidden.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

If you arrived by car, park near the entrance. As you approach, you’ll notice the area highlighted in red. Carefully travel left from the road, using trees and rocks for cover if needed. The real danger begins when you reach the fence. Make your way to the left corner of the building where you’ll find a door you cannot enter. Just to the left of it, you’ll spot an opening with vertical bars. Crouch below this opening and hack the camera ahead of you. It will provide a view of the interior.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

Now it’s time to gather some reconnaissance before commencing your operation. Direct your attention sharply left to find another camera, beyond the Blume sign. This camera points towards the front gate. Travel to it and observe the office to the left of the gate. You can access a camera within a notebook computer, then proceed to another camera within the office. Unlock two panels and keep an eye out for a guard. If he’s carrying explosives, there may be an opportunity to neutralize him. However, exercise caution as raising suspicion prematurely could be disastrous.

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Afterward, return outside and continue circling the complex. Locate a camera on the right side of the main building. From there, observe another outbuilding and unlock a door using the switch console. Circle back around to the side of the building near your position and find another panel along the wall to unlock. You’ll then have access to more cameras, this time in a clockwise fashion rather than counter-clockwise.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

From that corner of the building, take a peek downward and you’ll notice solar panels. Manipulate them by spinning them around. The guards will be alerted and investigate, providing you with an opportunity to navigate through the building. Use the cameras to uncover an intriguing Audio Log and open additional shutters. Be cautious as guards roam the area, especially with the heightened security levels. Ride their cameras and navigate the building to discover another captivating Audio Log.

Once you’ve completed your reconnaissance, it’s time to silently make your way further into the complex. There should be minimal resistance between your current location and the box you need to scan, situated near the edge of the square. Utilize cover to sneak forward and use takedown moves to dispose of any remaining guards nearby. Finally, scan the console.

Profile the ctOS box

Your next destination is the building where you previously opened the shutters. Exercise caution and be mindful of guards who may be watching, particularly the ones near the solar panels you manipulated. Upon entering the building, you’ll find the ctOS box just inside the door. Press the button to bring up the Profiler and proceed to profile the box.

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Find and activate the ctOS Boxes

Your objective now is to activate two ctOS boxes that are connected to the one you just profiled. You’ll notice the white lines extending from them. Failing to complete this task will result in the previously opened shutters being closed. However, you can reopen them as many times as needed. Locate and activate the first box in the office on the upper level, near the solar panels. The second box is in an outbuilding near the corner of the area, along the lower wall that runs past the solar panels. Sneak past the guards to reach both panels.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

To reach the guard along the lower route, pass through the building and head towards a door on the left side. A guard stands just outside. Crouch in the door frame and execute a takedown move to eliminate the guard. Return to the building and head towards the far side. Proceed through the door and head left along the wall to the guard positioned at the corner. Sneak up from behind and dispatch him with a takedown move. Now you can safely continue towards the outbuilding. Once inside, activate the box. If any mistakes occur, the game will remember that you activated this box when you resume. As for the guards on the higher level near the solar panels, you’ll need to approach them by exiting left from the building with the ctOS box (where you previously executed a takedown move). Ascend the stairs, where you’ll find a guard circling a box. Wait for him to walk over to the fence, then silently neutralize him. His cohort standing nearby won’t even notice. Proceed along the wall, take out the other guard, and enter the building. Activate the second box to receive your new objective.

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Break into Blume’s network unseen

Return to the box in the room with the shutters and initiate the hack. Before proceeding, ensure you have cover against the wall to avoid being stumbled upon by guards.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

This puzzle unfolds in two parts. The first part is simple and not timed. The second part, however, is timed. Start by positioning the other pieces correctly before turning the obvious bend.

Install T-Bone’s spyware

Upon completing the second puzzle, you’ll gain a view of the server. Simply press and hold the indicated button to install the spyware. A new objective awaits you.

Locate Damien’s meeting

Within the server room, a guard patrols back and forth between it and a room at the opposite end of an adjacent corridor. He carries a camera, which you can scan to access it.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

Briefly, the guard enters a room where a meeting is taking place. Look to the left and jump into a camera in that direction. Observe the meeting’s conclusion to receive a new objective.

Exit Blume

Making your escape from the facility is imperative as the guards are on high alert. You can choose your preferred route to exit. One option is to swiftly run out of the shuttered building, ascend the stairs where you incapacitated the guards moments ago (near the solar panels), descend the stairs on the other side, skirt the wall, and make your way to the open exit door. Dash through it and proceed along the grass towards the objective marked on the map. Upon reaching it, you will have completed this mission, automatically initiating the next one, “For the Portfolio.”

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